Value of Side Projects

Side projects are important, you can exercise your own creativity and build all sorts of random things. They allow you to pick up new skills and expand your knowledge along the way. They can just be for fun, or they may even turn into commercial success stories, or sometimes fail… but ultimately they allow us to learn something new, and more importantly, you’re the boss!

In this presentation Adam will go through the value of side projects in more detail, running through some success stories and also showing you a few projects he has worked on, including hacking away with an Amazon Echo Dot device. This presentation evolves at each event. Including various interactive elements to get the audience engaged with the talk.


25/05/2018 Nantwich Tech
21/03/2018 Birmingham Tech Wednesday
26/02/2018 Macclesfield Tech
16/01/2018 Crewe IT Meetup
1/11/2017 Chester Devs
12/10/2017 Stoke on Tech
19/07/2017 Staffs Web Meetup


Tech Wednesday – Birmingham 21/03/2018